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Composite Silverlight 2.0 Application Library Updated to RTW

I’ve updated my demo of the Composite Silverlight Library I built to work with Silverlight RTW.  The P&P group has plans to ship the next version of the PRISM library (PRISM 2.0) that supports Silverlight, so I’ve started to use their bits instead of the ones that I built with this sample.  Bellow is a…

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Composite Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 Application Library

Lately I’ve been working with Composite WPF and Silverlight applications at Veracity Solutions.  I spent a few hours over the weekend converting the Composite WPF Application Library to Silverlight.  Tonight I finished porting one of the QuickStarts to Silverlight.  Of course, just today the P&P team posted a AGCompositeApplicationLibrary spike.  Just my luck!  Regardless, here’s…

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