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Elemento – the fun and challenging new game for Windows 8 from Veracity!

Elemento is a fun and challenging new puzzle game for Windows 8. Watch a video of Elemento in action here. Play through 60 exciting and challenging levels, harnessing the power of the elements to solve each puzzle. Elemento was created using the FlatRedBall game engine in a partnership with Veracity to bring familiar C# XNA…

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Steps to Successful Blendsourcing

Veracity Solutions was recently mentioned in a Forbes article on Blendsourcing.  Check it out!

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Converge 2013 to be held in downtown Salt Lake City

Veracity Solutions is pleased to host its second annual consultant conference called Converge.  Converge is a multi-day fly in for all active consultants in the Veracity Community to build unity, learn from each other and have a lot of fun.  The theme this year is “One Veracity.”  The event includes time for project teams, messages from…

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San Francisco here we come!

Who’s going to BUILD?  We are!  Veracity Solutions will be sending a strong group of team members to BUILD 2013 this year.  We’ve got a great mix of folks representing business development, development and community. If you are going, we would love to meet up with you.  Drop us a line and we’ll get you…

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Recent Blogs

Veracity makes 3272 pound Utah Food Bank donation!

Each year, Veracity employees and consultants donate money towards the purchase of food which is matched by Veracity.  Veracity also matched donations of consultants out of state towards food banks in their local areas.  Total all financial donations and we all raised over $6,000 towards food for the needy!  Veracity wishes to give thanks to…

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Why Code Quality Matters and How It Can Be Improved

Code quality is often considered nebulous — what one developer thinks is excellent code another may consider poor. Not surprisingly, any effort to identify the traits of high quality code will reveal conflicting points of view. Who’s right and how do we know? Is there such a thing as code quality? While it may be…

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